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20 Insanely Clever Upgrades For Your Home

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Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You need an extra sparkle, a lil’ something to bring the glam back into your house? Rest your weary eyes. These 20 upgrades will leave your humble abode feeling like a palace. 20 Insanely Clever Upgrades For Your Home First up is Julie Blanner with … Read more

Paint Your Baseboards Like a Pro

Perhaps you’ve just finished installing new floors. Or maybe you’re just updating your baseboards for fun. How ever you got to this point, your job is far from over. Once new baseboards are cut, installed, prepped, and caulked, painting is your final task (unless you’re painting before installing). Clean The Baseboards First, start by vacuuming … Read more

MDF VS Wood Baseboards

My husband and I have been helping my brother prep his home for move-in. We’ve had a lot of busy weekends full of carpentry work and DIYs, but that’s just how we like it and the house is looking absolutely incredible so far. The next project on our list is to replace the wood baseboards … Read more

10 Great Places to buy Wallpaper

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It is so darn hard to find good wallpaper. And wallpaper is much needed. Faced with such a dilemma I have compiled a list (complete with representative photos) of the best places to search. You’re welcome. 🙂 Best place to start: Potterybarn Kids. So cute, and so durable. One of my favorite places is West Elm. Their … Read more

How to Remove Baseboard Without Damage

  Need to remove your baseboards for a new paint job or re-carpeting but are afraid to damage them? Never fear! Follow this simple, safe process for removing your baseboards with ease and peace of mind.     1. Cut off any excess caulk on the top edge and corners of the baseboards using a … Read more

How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

Before I knew this simple tip, I always avoided projects that would require me to re-paint our baseboard.  The reason being, that if you taped off the baseboard several problems would occur. Here are the best tips on how to paint baseboards with carpet. How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet The tape would shift and … Read more