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20 Insanely Clever Upgrades For Your Home

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You need an extra sparkle, a lil’ something to bring the glam back into your house? Rest your weary eyes. These 20 upgrades will leave your humble abode feeling like a palace.

Everybody wants their home to look good. But, you don't have to call a pro and spend a ton of money to make it happen. Here's a few home upgrades that are clever, cheap and easy, and for any skill level. Keep reading to learn more. #howtobuilditblog #homeimprovements #DIYprojects

20 Insanely Clever Upgrades For Your Home

First up is Julie Blanner with this fabulous Stainless Steel Makeover. It just gives me chills to look at it. I can’t believe how different they look!


Thanks to Lindsey for this fabulous idea. She split a regular door into dutch half doors, and the difference is amazing. It adds new levels and a new feel to the space. I love it!


This blog bears its name well: Southern Hospitality pulled through with this genius bathroom remodeling tutorial.


I couldn’t help it–I can’t stop grinning at this one from Candice. SO cute! This is such a clever idea, and adds lots of spice to your space.


The difference in a few coats of paint may not seem like much until you check out this tutorial from Janette. You can totally transform a bathroom with these few simple tricks.


Classy-up your personal space with these tips from Rachele. Impressive to say the very least!

new blog pics27

The befrore and after on this one from Shelley is jaw-dropping. You won’t even recognize your bathroom when she’s through! This is an upgrade could all use!

Before and after bathroom (1)

I thought this one from Milligan’s Gander Hill Farm was really clever. He includes an entire tutorial for this in-home bar. Okay, there’s a deer thing hanging over it. But it could actually be very multi-functional. Genius!


I am so in love with the cleverness of Tamara. Great balls of fire, this upgrade is to-die for. The space looks completely different with these few simple hacks to add elegance.


Provident Home Design  came through again for us, bringing this fabulous remodeled staircase tutorial. It looks complex, but the looks will be the only complex thing about it. It’s quite simple and, as you can see from the picture, breathtaking.


Remember that hideous space behind your stove? Me too. Well, Stephanie has our backs with this clever DIY tutorial to spruce things up back there. Thank you!


She does not lie when they says she is Full of Great Ideas. This one is a doozy. Trust me when I say the upgrade is complete. Check out here blog for the full transformation process. It’s incredible.


A staircase can either be regal an elegant, or ugly and clutzy. Anna Rose makes it the former with this brilliant tutorial to spruce up your staircase. It’s simple but oh so effective.


DIY Home Decorating Ideas rocks. I’m telling you. A bathroom floor will be your new favorite thing after this awesome project. I can’t wait!

how-to-tile-a-bathroom-floor Upgrades

That front door (or side door, back door, garage door…okay any door) should be welcoming! You should want to look at it. You should not want to throw up when you see it. Your worries are gone with this genius from Our Home At Last to make your door into the centerpiece of a lifetime. So in love!

Front Door Before and After 1 Upgrades

You must see the before and after pictures from this Family Handyman. Oh it gives me chills! The transformation of this bathroom is like the frog into the prince. No joke.

FH01FEB_SMATH_01 Upgrades

The House of Smiths pulls it together with the loveliest tutorial detailing absolutely stunning mirrors. This will be incredibly snazzy for your home.

Framed Mirror Tutorial

Dear Jillee, the pictures say it all. Well, maybe not all, but certainly enough to want more. This is amazing. Simple dressers into classy delight. Oooh la la!


This Old House shows off a fabulous upgrade to add more space and dimension to your house in an affordable, DIY kind of way. I’m all in! This is one of my favorite upgrades!


And if this hasn’t given you the idea you want, please check out More ideas on Buzzfeed. They are just lovely. 🙂


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