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10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

Brick pavers make for beautiful, classic-looking patios. With a little instruction and some friends willing to help with the manual labor, you can lay your own brick paver patio. Here is a look at how to lay brick pavers:

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How To Lay Brick Pavers

1. Pick the area you want to build the patio on and square it off.

2. Install edging. You can use plastic, metal, wood, or brick edging. This step can be completed after you finish laying the brick patio or pathway. Image from Today’s Homeowner.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

3. Dig the square out 7 inches deep. Make it slightly sloped to allow for water run-off.

4. Line the foundation of the patio with landscape fabric to keep weeds away.

5. Lay a 4 inch layer of coarse gravel, and even it out. Image found on Drainage Solutions.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

6. Add a 1 inch layer of sand on top of the gravel. Make sure it’s still 1 inch after packing it down and evening it out. Image from Happy at Home.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

7. Lay the bricks in your desired pattern starting in the corner. Leave a 1/4 inch space between the bricks.

8. Make sure they are even by laying a 2 by 4 across them and checking with a leveler. Hammer out the bricks with a rubber mallet to make them even. Image from Instructables.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

9. Next you seal the pavers with a concrete sealer. This will help reduce insects, and weeds from appearing in between your brick pavers later on. Idea and image from wikiHow.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

10. Spread sand over the bricks to fill the gaps between them until they are all filled. Lightly spray the patio with water and add more sand if necessary. Spray the patio off gently. Image from Europaving.

10 Tips to Laying Brick Pavers

Enjoy your new brick paver patio or pathway!

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  1. Thanks for elaborating on how you can lay brick properly in your yard. I had no idea that you would want to leave a space in between the bricks. I would imagine that you would want to have a professional helping you so it is done properly and you don’t have to go back to fix it later.


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