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Concrete Step Repair: A Complete Guide to Make Them Look Great

Are the concrete steps to your front porch cracked and chipped? Learn how to repair concrete steps with this easy step-by-step guide.

Nothing screams fixer upper like front porch steps that have cracked and chipped. They are freakin' ugly. Not to mention they become dangerous as well. Don't replace all the steps, just repair them with our step by step guide to repair concrete steps. Super easy! #repairconcretesteps #DIYhomeimprovement #easydiyprojects #howtobuilditblog

Honestly, there is nothing worse for curb appeal than cracked and chipped concrete, especially steps. Not to mention the hazard it presents. But, you don’t have to live with that eyesore any longer.  We want to walk you through this step-by-step guide to concrete step repair. After following this guide, you will feel confident you can repair concrete steps and be proud.

Concrete Step Repair

You’ll Need The Following Supplies:

A bucket for mixing cement

Wire brush

Putty knife

Cheap paint brush

Spray bottle full of water

Margin trowel

Dish soap


Flat wooden board

Step One

Before you can repair the damaged concrete steps, you’ll have to prep them. This is pretty easy. Using your wire brush and putty knife, scrape off any loose concrete. Use a brush to remove small pieces.

repair concrete steps

Step Two

Once the chipped concrete has been removed, clean the surface. No fancy cleaners are needed, a simple solution of dish soap and water works well. Scrub clean with a scrub brush. Then attach a spray nozzle to a hose to remove all dirt and soap with clean water. Let the entire area dry.

PRO TIP: a power washer would be a great way to remove loose debris and dirt. It would also be a great way to blast of soap after step two. But keep in mind you’ll have to allow the concrete to dry before making repairs.

Step Three

Now you’ll mix the cement. Follow the instructions on the bag for mixing ratios of water to product. A good rule of thumb for mixing cement is to only mix a small amount (as much as you can use in 5 minutes) or else your mixture will dry out and crumble.

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Step Four

Spray the damaged area with water from your spray bottle – only enough for a list mist.  Using your trowel, apply your wet cement to the broken parts of the cement steps. Make sure you’re really working it into all of the nooks and crannies.

Step Five

Build up the wet cement to repair the concrete step. Your flat board can be used to help make the shape or the step flat and level.

repair concrete steps

Step Six

Once you’ve perfected the shape of your step’s edge, spray again with water from your spray bottle. Just to make the surface of the wet cement a little more damp. Then use your paintbrush (even an old toothbrush works) to go over the surface of the new cement for a brushed texture.

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