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Paint Your Baseboards Like a Pro

Perhaps you’ve just finished installing new floors. Or maybe you’re just updating your baseboards for fun. How ever you got to this point, your job is far from over. Once new baseboards are cut, installed, prepped, and caulked, painting is your final task (unless you’re painting before installing).

Clean The Baseboards

First, start by vacuuming your baseboards to get heavy layers of dust. Then, using a microfiber rag, clean the baseboards with warm, soapy water.

Mask Off Walls and Flooring

There are many varieties of masking tape for paint jobs. But beware, not all tape will save your wall from baseboard paint.

Patch Gouges

Patching any scratches or gouges in the baseboard is done simply with wood filler. Doing this step before painting will result in a much nicer end result. Failing to do so means you’ll see this boo-boos through the paint when you’re done.

Mix Paint With Floetrol

A professional paint job would leave your baseboards with absolutely zero brush strokes and an even coating of paint. Adding a paint thinner to your baseboard paint (like Floetrol) will help your finish look more professional.

Paint With An Excellent Paint Brush

A smoother paint job can be accomplished with a clean, angled brush. If your paint brushes are at all clumpy, your paint job will look terrible.

Paint your baseboards like I did with the help of these websites: 

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