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How to Replace Broken Windows

I remember a time of my life where I was outside playing ball with my brothers. Naturally, we were scolded to play away from the house, but thinking we knew better, we played where we wanted. Of course one day I had quite an impressive hit, and I set a baseball sailing through a window pane of my Dad’s in home office. And you’d better believe that my brothers and I attempted to fix this window by ourselves before our parents came home and busted us…while we weren’t that successful in completing the project by ourselves, our Dad showed us how to replace it with him. You could say that I’m kind of an expert now…here’s how I replace broken windows!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-A new window pane

window glazing

putty knife

Step One: Wearing protective gloves, remove the broken glass from the window frame. Work the pieces loose with pliers. Once disposed of, make sure that any last pieces of glass are removed. Check the ground for stragglers as well!

Step Two: Remove any sealant or window glaze with a putty knife. It can be tedious, but make sure everything is removed because it will affect the look of the finished project!

Step Three: Measure the window frame after the putty and glaze has been removed. You will want a piece of glass cut that is slightly SMALLER than the opening of the window pane. Place the glass in the pane when it’s ready.

Step Four: Using a putty knife, place and press glaziers points on the corners of the frame.

Step Five: After the glaziers points are pressed, apply window glazing around the frame. Paint to match the color of your home when window glazing has dried.

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