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Get Cozy With This Idea For Painted Ceilings

I have always been a huge fan of painted ceilings. I just love the way that they finish off a room! And while lightly painted ceilings do wonders at opening up a space, check out this year’s hottest trend to learn how to cozy your space up instead. Try this idea for painted ceilings today! … Read more

DIY Box Beam Ceiling That Looks So Professional

 I love the look of exposed beams in homes. It creates such a look of rustic elegance and does so much to improve the character of the home. However, if you were looking to find some beams to leave exposed during your last home remodel, but couldn’t find any, why not try DIYing your own, … Read more

Optical Illusion: Tips To Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

There’s something about a tall ceiling that just makes your home LOOK gigantic, airy, and open. Unfortunately for some of us (myself included), our homes weren’t built to support high ceilings! Instead of going through a pricey remodel of your home to create vaulted ceilings of your own, these tips will help you fake the … Read more

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Pro

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Professional

A sharp white ceiling can really brighten a room, It will also make the color of your walls pop.  That is if you do it correctly… If you do not tape off your ceiling correctly when painting it can make your paint job look sloppy.     Tape Your Ceiling Here is a trick I … Read more