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Paint Your Baseboards Like a Pro

Perhaps you’ve just finished installing new floors. Or maybe you’re just updating your baseboards for fun. How ever you got to this point, your job is far from over. Once new baseboards are cut, installed, prepped, and caulked, painting is your final task (unless you’re painting before installing). Clean The Baseboards First, start by vacuuming … Read more

How to Build Your Own DIY Bookcase

Have you ever tried to build a DIY bookcase? I was so surprised at how easy the project was! With a few 2x4s a handy dandy nail gun, and an idea in mind, you can have fast book storage in no time at all! Here are few of my favorite DIY bookcase plans! But, of … Read more

Easy Tips You Need to Distress Furniture

Easy Tips You Need to Distress Furniture | Distress Furniture, Distress Furniture DIY, DIY Home Decor, DIY Furniture, Furniture DIY, DIY Project

Planning to distress furniture in your home? Here’s what you need to know! Prepping The Project  The first and most crucial step to any DIY project (including distressed furniture) is prepping your project. This involves thoroughly cleaning all surfaces to remove gunk and grime. Then sanding the surface to remove any old finish are varnish. … Read more

DIY Adirondack Chair Tutorials and Plans

DIY Adirondack Chair Tutorials and Plans| DIY Adirondack Chair, Outdoor DIY, DIY Adirondack Chair Plants, Crafts, DIY Craft Projects, DIY Projects

    Ahhhh, the perfect chair for sitting around the lake, the campfire, or just the lawn during the warm spring and summer months. The Adirondack chair has been around for ages and that’s because it’s a chair that works. Over the years, creative minds have transformed this chair into creations of their own. If … Read more

Install Your Own Water Softener

Install Your Own Water Softener| Install a Water Softener, Water Softener, Water Softener System DIY, DIY Water Softener System, DIY Home Improvement, Home Improvement

Planning on installing your own DIY water softener system? Check out this DIY tutorial when you install a water softener in your home. Gather Your Tools! Pipe Cutters Tape measure Pipe Wrench Gate Valves Tee Valves Tubing or Copper Wire 2 Compression Fittings Flexible Tubing PVC Solvent or Flux 2 Union Fittings Torch and Solder … Read more

10 Home Staging Tips for Your Kitchen

10 Home Staging Tips for Your Kitchen| Home Staging, Home Staging Ideas, DIY Home Staging Ideas, Home Staging Before and After, DIY Home Decor, Home Decor, Home Decor Ideas

  Putting your home on the market? It can be stressful, I know! Take a look at these home staging ideas and home staging tips! 1. Display how functional your kitchen is. If there are items that add huge functionality, draw attention to them!  2. Update the back splash. This project might take the weekend, … Read more