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10 Must-Try DIY Fixer-Upper Projects

10 Must-Try DIY Fixer-Upper Projects| Fixer Upper, Fixer Upper Projects, Fixer Upper Home Projects, Fixer Upper, Home Decor, Home Decor DIY, Home Decor Ideas, DIY Home Decor, DIY Home Decor Projects, DIY Home Decor Rustic

    Liven up your home and change things up with a simple fixer upper project for the home! These fixer upper projects for the home are easy to complete, and they look seriously great! DIY your own Fixer-Upper Faux Wood Beams Give any back splash a DIY Fixer-Upper look with left over laminate. Create … Read more

How to “Glam” Up Your Dalfred IKEA Barstools

How to “Glam” Up Your Dalfred IKEA Barstools| IKEA Barstools, IKEA Dalfred Hack, IKEA Hack, IKEA Kitchen, IKEA DAlfred Stools, IKEA Barstool Hacks, Painted Furniture, Painted Furniture Ideas, IKEA Furniture Makeover, IKEA Furniture, IKEA Furniture Hacks #IKEABarstools #IKEADalfredHack #IKEAHAck #IKEADalfredBarstools

I love IKEA barstools. Theyre inexpensive and they look seriously amazing. Have you seen the Dalfred barstool from Ikea? You may recognize them from your last walk through of the store. But were you really able to grasp their full potential at the time? Check out these fun ways to hack your simple Dalfred barstools. … Read more

Revamp Your Bathroom For Only $25

Revamp Your Bathroom For Only $25| Bathroom Ideas, Bathroom Decor, Bathroom Remodel, Bathroom Remodel On a Budget, Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Bathroom Remodeling #BathroomRemodel #BathroomRemodelOnABudget #BathroomRemodelIdeas #BathroomRemodeling

Replace The Shower Head For under $25, you can change your showering experience completely. This is one great way to upgrade your bathroom experience. Here’s a link to a favorite showerhead of mine!  Add A Cool Rug Throwing a fun pattern or bright colors on the floor is a cheap way to change the entire … Read more

How to Paint Stairs (In the Home)

Paint Stairs, Paint Stairs Ideas, Paint Stairs DIY, Paint Stairs White, Paint Stairs Black, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Tips, Home Improvement Tricks

    Painting your stairs is a great do-it-yourself way to redo a staircase without the cost of an expensive remodel. Your options are unlimited when it comes to design. This blogger used a shadowblock technique to make it appear like her steps were getting smaller. Stenciling adds incredible visual texture and appeal. In monochromatic … Read more

Paint Plastic and Keep It From Chipping

Paint Your Plastic and Keep It From Chipping| Painting, Painting Ideas, Painting Ideas for Beginners, Beginning Paiting Projects, DIY painting, DIY Painting Projects #DIYPainting #DIYPaintingProjects #BeginnerPaintingProjects

  Spray painting plastic can be intimidating. Since the plastic is able to bend and twist more easily than sturdier materials like metal and wood, it’s very susceptible to cracking and chipping! Start With An Exceptionally Clean Surface Remove already chipping paint, gunk, and grime from the plastic surface. These bits being left on will … Read more

10 Ways to Dramatically Decorate Your Entryway

10 Ways to Dramatically Decorate Your Entryway| Entryway Decor, DIY Entryway Decor, Home Decor, Home Decor Hacks, Entryway Decor DIYs, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Projects, Popular Pin #HomeImprovement #Entryway #HomeDecorDIYs

  1.Build a tidy command station where you would normally be tempted to grow piles of mail and miscellaneous items. 2. Hang mirrors to create the illusion of more space in your tiny entry way. 3. Add a bench to your entry way for the putting on and removal of shoes. 4. If you’re not … Read more