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10 Must-Try DIY Fixer-Upper Projects

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    Liven up your home and change things up with a simple fixer upper project for the home! These fixer upper projects for the home are easy to complete, and they look seriously great! DIY your own Fixer-Upper Faux Wood Beams Give any back splash a DIY Fixer-Upper look with left over laminate. Create … Read more

Stain Wood With This Foulproof Guide

Stain Wood, Stain Wood DIY, Stain Wood Furniture, Stain Wood Flooring, DIY Home, Home Decor, Home Decor Ideas, Easy Home Decor Ideas

  Staining wood seems a bit more daunting than painting because it’s permanent. Once the stain is soaked into the wood grain, there is no turning back. But have no fear! With this guide, you’ll know just how to tackle any wood staining project that comes to mind. When you purchase wood stain from the … Read more

How to Renovate a Fixer Upper (On A Budget!)

How to Renovate a Fixer Upper (On A Budget!)| Home Renovations, DIY Home, Easy Home Renovations, Simple Home Renovations, Fixer Upper Remodel, How to Remodel A Fixer Upper, DIY Fixer Upper, Popular Pin #FixerUpper #Remodel #HomeRemodel

  Shop Sales For Materials Everything from tools to lumber will go on sale at some point during the year. You’ll save a lot of money if you keep your eyes peeled for deals. Research Credit Cards You can find creative ways to finance your projects, including the use of credit cards. Sometimes your credit … Read more