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How to “Glam” Up Your Dalfred IKEA Barstools

How to “Glam” Up Your Dalfred IKEA Barstools| IKEA Barstools, IKEA Dalfred Hack, IKEA Hack, IKEA Kitchen, IKEA DAlfred Stools, IKEA Barstool Hacks, Painted Furniture, Painted Furniture Ideas, IKEA Furniture Makeover, IKEA Furniture, IKEA Furniture Hacks #IKEABarstools #IKEADalfredHack #IKEAHAck #IKEADalfredBarstools

I love IKEA barstools. Theyre inexpensive and they look seriously amazing. Have you seen the Dalfred barstool from Ikea? You may recognize them from your last walk through of the store. But were you really able to grasp their full potential at the time? Check out these fun ways to hack your simple Dalfred barstools. … Read more

Revamp Your Bathroom For Only $25

Revamp Your Bathroom For Only $25| Bathroom Ideas, Bathroom Decor, Bathroom Remodel, Bathroom Remodel On a Budget, Bathroom Remodel Ideas, Bathroom Remodeling #BathroomRemodel #BathroomRemodelOnABudget #BathroomRemodelIdeas #BathroomRemodeling

Replace The Shower Head For under $25, you can change your showering experience completely. This is one great way to upgrade your bathroom experience. Here’s a link to a favorite showerhead of mine!  Add A Cool Rug Throwing a fun pattern or bright colors on the floor is a cheap way to change the entire … Read more

How to Renovate a Fixer Upper (On A Budget!)

How to Renovate a Fixer Upper (On A Budget!)| Home Renovations, DIY Home, Easy Home Renovations, Simple Home Renovations, Fixer Upper Remodel, How to Remodel A Fixer Upper, DIY Fixer Upper, Popular Pin #FixerUpper #Remodel #HomeRemodel

  Shop Sales For Materials Everything from tools to lumber will go on sale at some point during the year. You’ll save a lot of money if you keep your eyes peeled for deals. Research Credit Cards You can find creative ways to finance your projects, including the use of credit cards. Sometimes your credit … Read more

You Need a Framing Nail Gun

Framing Nail Gun, Nail Gun for Beginners, Nail Gun Projects, Nail Gun DIY, Nail Gun Projects Ideas, DIY Home Decor, DIY Decor, Home Decor Ideas

Of all the tools in the DIYer’s tool belt, the framing nail gun has to be one of the essential must-have’s. It’s Super Easy To Use Anyone – and I’m talking anyone – can learn how to use a framing nail gun. With the added safety features, surprisingly lightweight, and simple loading mechanism, a framing … Read more

How to Makeover an Ugly Linoleum Floor

How to Makeover an Ugly Linoleum Floor| Home Improvement, Home Improvement Hacks, DIY Home Improvement, Easy Home Improvement, Easy Projects, DIY Home Projects, Popular Pin #HomeImprovement #DIYHome #HomeProjects

You’ll find linoleum flooring in many homes but unfortunately, you’ll most likely want to replace it. It’s either scratched and peeling, or it’s simply an eyesore. But it’s an easy project to undertake and relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking for a budget friendly way to replace or cover linoleum flooring that doesn’t involve any demolition … Read more

How to Refinish Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops, Refinish Laminate Countertops, DIY Home Decor, Home Decor Ideas, DIY Home, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Ideas, Home Improvement Projects

If your home currently has laminate counter tops and you’re sick of looking at them, you can repaint them with a bit of know-how and a little patients. Solid colors are possible, but an easier and more forgiving paint job is done when aiming for a faux granite finish. But before you get to painting, … Read more