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10 Projects to Bust the Rainy Day Blues

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  If you have a chalkboard decoration around your home, then chances are you probably haven’t changed it in a while. So, on a rainy day, take some time to write a new phrase or draw a new picture! Have fun and be creative!   You could also consider making a monogram letter that you … Read more

15 DIY Valentine’s Day Home Decor Ideas

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Make your very own Valentine’s day wreath that you can hang up anywhere around the house. It can go on the door, on the wall, or anywhere you want! You can make it out of pretty much any Valentine’s day-themed material that you find! You could also make a Valentine’s day garland. Just get some … Read more

12 Things to Do with Leftover Wrapping Paper

  I bet you didn’t know that you can turn wrapping paper into gorgeous envelopes! The best part is that you save money by not wasting the wrapping paper and you won’t have to buy envelopes!   If you have some bland serving trays, then line them with wrapping paper! This is especially great when you’re … Read more