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15 Incredible Flea Market Makeovers

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This beautiful a combination of an old coat rack and some vintage yardsticks to make a new coat rack for your home! Take those old wooden crates, and turn them into an amazing nightstand. You can add dividers, if necessary, or make any other changes you see fit. Take those scarves or other pieces of … Read more

10 Ways to Use Tension Rods in Your Home

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I hate going to the kitchen and having all my lids and containers all over the place. It’s just so frustrating. But now I can use a tension rod to keep everything organized and in their own spot! I don’t have much space under my kitchen sink, so storing cleaning supplies has always been a … Read more

15 Hanging Storage Ideas

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Take a hanging shoe rack and use it to store anything from wrapping paper to cleaning supplies. Simply hang it over a door where you most access the supplies in it. Install some great ceiling storage that doesn’t take up any floor space! This is best in the garage, but if you have rooms in … Read more

10 New Ways to Use Old Shutters

10 New Ways to Use Old Shutters

Take the old shutter and use it to store your mail! You simply slip the envelope in any part of the shutter. Paint and decorate the shutter to make it match your home even better! Put a few shutters together and make an awesome headboard for your bed! This provides a great rustic look and can … Read more