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DIY Scarecrow For Your Fall Decor

Fall is just around the corner so I spent my weekend making a set of DIY scarecrows for my fall porch decor (they’ll stake into my flowerbeds). Though I haven’t started actually decorating quite yet, I like to get a jump start on the projects I’ll use to decorate! This DIY scarecrow was so easy … Read more

Tips For Storing Big Garden Hoses {That Aren’t Kinky}

As you begin to pack away your yard and garden this year, make it a point to store your garden hoses for the winter. You won’t need it through the winter months, and storing it somewhere safe can keep it functioning for longer than it would have outside. Cold, harsh winter weather can cause the … Read more

15 Festive Decorations for your Fall Tablescape

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Take some fall leaves and hang them the light above the table to get a wonderful addition to your tablescape! It’s a great accent and can really pull all the decorations together. Get some glass jars and fill them with popcorn kernels. Place a few of these around the table for a nice tablescape. You … Read more

Fall Crafts To Do With The Kids

Fall Crafts to Do With the Kids

The weather’s turning cold and the kids are stuck inside. What to do? Have no fear! Crafting is here! Check out these fun holiday craft ideas that will be fun for you AND the kids! Thumbprint Turkey Your kids will “gobble gobble” up this fun idea ! These cards can be used as place cards … Read more