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Tips For Storing Big Garden Hoses {That Aren’t Kinky}

As you begin to pack away your yard and garden this year, make it a point to store your garden hoses for the winter. You won’t need it through the winter months, and storing it somewhere safe can keep it functioning for longer than it would have outside. Cold, harsh winter weather can cause the … Read more

DIY Vertical Trellis Ideas

Adding a trellis to your yard is a great way to utilize what yard space you have to truly create something beautiful. After all, trellises take up little to no space and they certainly create some backyard drama! If you love the look of one, but would rather spend your money on something else, try … Read more

10 Easy Succulent Craft Projects

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      Decorate your home with these succulent craft projects perfect for any area of your home. Comment below and tell me your favorite! Do you have any extra galvanized buckets laying around? Turn them into a succulent planter! Tutorial from My Own Home Blog.     Mason jars are the perfect base for … Read more

12 DIY Potting Benches

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With the Spring and Summer months at our fingertips, it is time to consider our friends the plants, and how we will bring their beauty out in these fair months. Potting benches are an important commodity in this season, but figuring out the best potting bench is a tricky decision! I have collected a few … Read more