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12 Things to Do with Leftover Wrapping Paper

  I bet you didn’t know that you can turn wrapping paper into gorgeous envelopes! The best part is that you save money by not wasting the wrapping paper and you won’t have to buy envelopes!   If you have some bland serving trays, then line them with wrapping paper! This is especially great when you’re … Read more

20 Genius Decorating Ideas from Pinterest (NYE Edition)

Fill balloons with confetti and then blow them up! The balloons look super cool and they’re also really shimmery if you put them in the right lighting! Take your streamers and hang them right at the entrance of your party! It will get people pumped up right when they come in. If you have leftover … Read more

27 Need to Know Interior Design Hacks

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Remember, when it comes to interior design, more often than not, less is more! It may seem like a good idea to overload your home with colors, textures, and décor, but a simpler design is almost always better! If you are redoing your home and are afraid of it looking outdated in just a few years, … Read more

10 Perfect Christmas Decorations (Made from Pallets!)


Take the pieces of the wooden pallet and turn it into a cute little sled or sleigh decoration! You can mount it on your wall or put it on the porch. Add a few accents to make it even better! Turn the pallet into a fun Christmas tree! It’s a nice rustic addition to your … Read more