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12 Things to Do with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Things to Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Paper, Gift Wrap Ideas, Present Wrapping, How to Wrap Presents, Repurpose Projects, How to Recycle Wrapping Paper


I bet you didn’t know that you can turn wrapping paper into gorgeous envelopes! The best part is that you save money by not wasting the wrapping paper and you won’t have to buy envelopes!



If you have some bland serving trays, then line them with wrapping paper! This is especially great when you’re having holiday parties because you can match your party theme to the leftover wrapping paper scraps you have.



Try decorating with wrapping paper. That’s right, you can decorate with leftover paper!  You can cut a square or rectangle of wrapping paper out and then frame it for a cute design.



With some extra triangles of wrapping paper, you can make some gorgeous bunting fit for any occasion! Just add a string between the strips, and maybe throw some words or letters on the triangles for a fun accent.



Shred up all the leftover wrapping paper you have to make some gorgeous confetti. Not only is this free for you, but you can make exactly enough confetti so you don’t have too much or too little. Perfect for New Years Eve!



Add some style and personality to your cabinets and drawers by adding wrapping paper to them. Just line the bottoms of them with the wrapping paper and that’s all!



Turn wrapping paper into gorgeous streamers without much work! You just need to cut them into circles or other shapes, string them together, and then hang them around the party!



Or, if you want to get a little more creative, try making these gorgeous paper star medallions. They may take a bit of work and practice, but they’re absolutely beautiful! No one will believe you created these out of old wrapping paper scraps.



You could also consider lining your bookshelves with wrapping paper to make them less boring. It will make them look newer and brighter, which is something we all want!



If you use clipboards a lot, then you could try this. Spruce them up with a bit of wrapping paper. Just cut out the shape and size you need, and then attach it to the clipboard. So easy!



You can also spice up books, journals, and binders with wrapping paper! Just cut out what you need and then apply it to the books for a fun and festive look.



I love this idea! Make some gorgeous placemats with wrapping paper! Just take any rectangular item and cover it with some fancy wrapping paper to get a great placemat for your home! These are great because they are easy to replace and redo when the urge strikes!



Things to Do With Leftover Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Paper, Gift Wrap Ideas, Present Wrapping, How to Wrap Presents, Repurpose Projects, How to Recycle Wrapping Paper

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