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13 Fun Projects to Make with Old Windows

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Aren’t old windows just charming? There’s something about them that just feels like a memory. I love looking at them and thinking about the kids of things they have seen. Tap into their power and use their lovely selves for new projects with these fun projects. Love this from Cottage Instincts: They took some old windows, … Read more

Easy DIY Garden and Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Ah, those summer months. As the sun smiles upon us we sigh and smile blissfully, and then we get to work. Furniture for your great outdoor home is an important part of the summer. Try a few of these ideas for a fun makeover! I love this idea from Sarah. Personally, sitting outside on a simple … Read more

13 Ways to Recycle Old Tires

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Tires are fun. Ain’t nobody gonna try and argue with me on that one. They’re just…fun. So take that fun and roll with it (get it? Roll…tires…okay). Recycle, but do it right. Check out these ideas for how. Who would have thought of using an old tire to make a garden pool? Good Home Design thought of … Read more

15 Budget Room Makeovers You Have to See

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When you feel all hope is lost with your remodel, think again. The following are a few heartwarming, hope-giving signs of life. The end of the road is ahead! Transformation from worst to bad to good to great to gorgeous is truly possible. Check out these real-life photo testaments to confirm. From View Along the Way … Read more

10 Great Places to buy Wallpaper

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It is so darn hard to find good wallpaper. And wallpaper is much needed. Faced with such a dilemma I have compiled a list (complete with representative photos) of the best places to search. You’re welcome. 🙂 Best place to start: Potterybarn Kids. So cute, and so durable. One of my favorite places is West Elm. Their … Read more

How to Remodel your bathroom from Eek to Chic on a budget

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Sometimes bathrooms can be scary places. And thinking about remodeling just feels expensive. Take courage! You can have your dream bathroom on a budget! Check out these ideas to find out how. A grand old story from Carla details how she upgraded her own bathroom. It’s amazing, boys and girls. Just amazing. Need to doctor up that … Read more