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15 Amazing Valance and Window Treatment Designs

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Windows can make or break a space. Dress your windows up to the nines to bring out the best in your entire area. These ideas will dazzle your eyes and gladden your heart, and your windows will be transformed! This great tutorial from Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange helped me get the whole idea. Start out with … Read more

12 DIY Entryway Projects

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The entryway is traffic for trouble. The perfect place to track in mud, grass, and kids (somehow those always seem to go together). Unfortunately, this dump pile is often an eye sore. If you nodded in agreement to that, I have good news! Your entryway is about to get so much better. Hooks and Baskets … Read more

10 Uses for Old Suitcases

DIY Suitcase Side Table

There are few things more quaint and classy than antique suitcases. Really, any suitcase holds stories and possibilities and loveliness. They all deserve to be preserved, yet somehow we lose track of them. Check out these fabulous ideas for the perfect solution to hanging on the the charm of old suitcases. From Elsie and Emma … Read more

8 Clever Ways to Renovate Your Garage

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A garage can be a great space to have if you organize and use it in a smart way. Yes it’s true, your garage can be more for you than a mess to be avoided. Here are some great garage renovation ideas: Home Gym For a large garage, consider using a portion of it as … Read more

5 Things You Must Know Before Finishing Your Basement

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Finishing the basement: it’s that daunting task you’ve been avoiding since you moved in…10 years ago. Well, congratulations on deciding to finally finish it! Before you embark on the project, take a look at these tips:                                 Consider the layout … Read more

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Tile

When we were building our house, there were SO many options for finishes and it was pretty overwhelming to decide on every single little detail.  Flooring was one of those!  If you are looking into new tile, here is an overview of the pros and cons of different kinds of tile before you decide what … Read more