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10 DIYs Perfect for Storing Jewelry

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Take a picture frame and add some string in between the edges. This is a super simple solution and you can hang your jewelry on the wires—from necklaces to earrings and anything in between! Pegboard is great for storing jewelry because it looks clean and simple, and it’s incredibly sturdy! To make it a bit fancier, … Read more

15 Farmhouse DIY Projects

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One of my favorite farmhouse DIY projects is using a barn door somewhere in the house. I think it’s so rustic and great looking. I really like using a barn door as the pantry door. Make your own headboard that brings in the rustic farmhouse feel! You’ll usually use some sort of distressed wood, but … Read more

10 Hacks to Help You Cut Down on Home Waste

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When it comes to food waste, a great way to take care of that is to compost it. Things like coffee grounds, veggie shavings, and other food waste can be composted to not only reduce home waste but can also help your garden to thrive! When you’re cooking or boiling vegetables, don’t just throw the … Read more

10 Hacks to an Organized Cleaning Closet

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Install an over the door hanger to store your cleaning supplies in. You can store whatever supplies work best there (from small cleaning bottles to hanging up the broom), it’s a great way to make everything organized! Baskets and bins are perfect for organizing your cleaning supplies. Make it cute and fun by using wicker, … Read more