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10 DIYs Perfect for Storing Jewelry

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Take a picture frame and add some string in between the edges. This is a super simple solution and you can hang your jewelry on the wires—from necklaces to earrings and anything in between!


Pegboard is great for storing jewelry because it looks clean and simple, and it’s incredibly sturdy! To make it a bit fancier, put it in a frame!


Take some driftwood or another piece of reclaimed wood and add a set of vintage doorknobs to it! After they’re securely attached then you can hang all sorts of jewelry off of the doorknobs for a great jewelry holder!


Turn an old paper towel holder into a bracelet holder! All you have to do is put the paper towel holder in the bathroom or bedroom and slide your bracelets over the dowel. It’s super easy and works great!


Make this gorgeous twig jewelry display holder! Not only does it help you keep your jewelry organized but it’s also a fantastic decorative piece!


Make or buy a shadow box that you can use to hang your jewelry in. It looks great, is super classy, and provides a ton of space that you can use to keep your jewelry organized!


If you have a lot of jewelry, then this is probably a great idea. Get an expanded wall mount that you can use for every single piece of your jewelry. It may take up a bit of space, but it’s definitely effective and useful!


Use chicken wire to store your jewelry and hang it up. You can frame this with a picture frame or any other piece of woodwork that looks best. This is a strong and effective way to keep things organized. You could even add a patterned background for more of a decorative look.


Don’t just throw away that old rake! You can actually turn it into a pretty effective and cute jewelry organizer. Just remove the handle and hang jewelry from the prongs!


This is a gorgeous jewelry organizer and it doesn’t take much work or material at all! Use a chain and hang it between two pegs or hooks. Hang your earrings from the links in the chain.


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