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15 Ways to Make the Most Amazing Hot Chocolate Bar

15 ways to make the most amazing hot chocolate bar

With winter and cold weather coming up on us, we’re always looking for new ways to stay warm and cozy while enjoying time with our friends and family. Having a festive get-together with a hot chocolate bar is an AWESOME party idea. Here are some great ways to make your hot chocolate bar as amazing … Read more 15 Ways to Make the Most Amazing Hot Chocolate Bar

16 Creative DIY Nighstand Ideas

Creative DIY Nightstand Ideas

Nightstands are very important. That is a legit statement! They make or break the bedroom, friends. And we need them to be so purposeful for our many uses. Try a few of these fun ideas for nightstands that will delight. From Instructables, stack some wood for the perfect nightstand. I love this rustic feel. Okay, this … Read more 16 Creative DIY Nighstand Ideas

{Easy} DIY String Art Projects

So you want to start an art project, but you don’t want to spend $5,000 dollars or donate your right arm? Well, grab some string, some colors, and probably glue. I’ve got you covered with these fun art projects. Make your mark on your map. Where you’ve been never leaves you, why not keep it … Read more {Easy} DIY String Art Projects

6 Tips for Cold Weather Camping

10 Tips For Cold Weather Camping

 While this isn’t technically a DIY for the home, these are definitely tips that everyone who enjoys camping should know. Wear a Hat Seems simple but heat can escape out of the top of your head. Keep it covered especially while you sleep. Insulating Pad Keep off of the ground by adding a sleeping, insulation … Read more 6 Tips for Cold Weather Camping

16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks

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We craft not because it is easy or makes complete practical sense, but because it’s fun and brings us joy. Having said that, logic isn’t completely banned from the crafting world. In fact, some things are just downright brilliant! Make your crafting experience even more enjoyable with these awesome hacks:   1. Yarn Dispenser Simply … Read more 16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks