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8 Tips for Distressing Furniture

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It’s funny how old things come back in style. That is certainly true for furniture nowadays—old is in! Distressing furniture is a hot topic! People pay top dollar for vintage and retro pieces of furniture. Thrift stores, estate sales, and auctions have never been more popular. Want to create your own “distressed” furniture? Check out … Read more 8 Tips for Distressing Furniture

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks

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Cut triangles into the sides of your moving boxes. This gives you grips to hold them better, which helps your hands, your back, and the box! Put Styrofoam plates between your actual plates to add extra padding. It absorbs shock really well and is easy to pack and unpack. Color code your boxes for each … Read more 30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks

6 Tricks to Get Your House to Smell Amazing

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A stinky house is about my biggest fear when it comes to home maintenance. I want my house to smell clean and fresh all the time. However, the more people you have living in your home, the harder it seems to be to keep it smelling great. If you have the same problem, then here … Read more 6 Tricks to Get Your House to Smell Amazing