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30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks

Moving day hacks, moving day, home hacks, life hacks, popular pin, make your life easier, home organization, easy storage.

Moving day hacks, moving day, home hacks, life hacks, popular pin, make your life easier, home organization, easy storage.

  • Cut triangles into the sides of your moving boxes. This gives you grips to hold them better, which helps your hands, your back, and the box!
  • Put Styrofoam plates between your actual plates to add extra padding. It absorbs shock really well and is easy to pack and unpack.
  • Color code your boxes for each room they go to. That way, people don’t have to constantly ask you where to take something—the color on the box and on the entrance to the room will do it for you.
  • Use blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and other soft objects as makeshift padding for your moving boxes. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s a great way to save space and time.
  • At least 24 to 48 hours before you move, make sure you defrost, clean, and towel dry your fridge. Moving a wet or unclean fridge is a nightmare.

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks2

  • Put tape across the front of any mirrors in the shape of an X. While this doesn’t make the mirror unbreakable, it will help absorb any shock the mirror may endure while moving.
  • Make sure to pack a first night box that has all the essential you needs in the likelihood that you don’t get everything unpacked by the end of the day.
  • Use your luggage, baskets, and other bins as storage units. Don’t get a bunch of boxes when you already have sufficient moving carriers.
  • Wrap a garbage bag around the clothes in your closet and take them like that. It keeps everything all in one place and is a super fast way to pack.
  • Wrap plastic wrap around silverware holders or anything with drawers or shelves that may fall out. This keeps things in place and saves you time since you don’t have to unpack them all.

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks3

  • Do your last grocery shopping run two weeks before you move. That way, when moving day comes, you don’t have a ton of food in your fridge and pantry that you have to eat, throw away, or donate.
  • Use wine cases for your glassware. They already have the slots for easy storage, plus they’re sturdy so your glassware has less change of breaking.
  • Use old fitted sheets to wrap completely around your mattress (one on top, one on bottom) so your mattress doesn’t get dirty while in the move.
  • Hire a locksmith to come the day of your move. That way, you don’t have to worry about finding one the day of the move and you can know you’re safe from day one!
  • Label everything when you’re moving! Label all the boxes, bins, bags, and whatever else you use to move. Don’t just assume you’ll remember or know where it goes.

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks4

  • Store all the nuts, bolts, nails, and screws for the furniture in their separate baggies. Label the bags so you know exactly what each one goes to.
  • Make sure you get other people involved in your move so it’s not just you and your family. Incentivize them with free food and drinks!
  • On moving day, you don’t want to worry about taking care of the kids as well. So hire a babysitter for the day (or have a friend or family member do it) and you’ll be a lot less stressed.
  • Before you move all of your stuff into the new house, have the carpets cleaned a day or two before. It’s a lot easier to clean the house without any furniture in it.
  • Take pictures of the cords to your computers, TVs, and other electronic devices. That way, when you have to put it all back together, you don’t have to just rely on your memory.

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks5

  • Spend the money to rent moving equipment like a dolly. It may be a bit more spendy, but it will save you time and pain in your body!
  • If you need to transport important documents, put them in a sealable bag with a piece of cardboard. This prevents them from getting bent or dirty.
  • Declutter as you pack up. Don’t pack a bunch of junk that you’re just going to end up throwing away once you get to the new place. Dejunk before you move in.
  • When you get to the new house, unpack the bedroom stuff first. You’ll want to make sure your bedroom is all ready for you to sleep in case moving and unpacking takes more than a day.
  • Stack your plates vertically when you’re packing them up. This makes it less likely that they’ll break while in the moving process.

30 Must-Know Moving Day Hacks6

  • If you’re moving toiletries, then undo the lids, stick saran wrap around the opening, and put the lid back on. This will help prevent spilling while in the move.
  • Make sure everyone who is helping you move has an assignment (carrying boxes, unpacking, etc.). You don’t want to waste any time and this is one way to help with that.
  • If you have some expensive and fragile items, then consider hiring movers. It may cost more, but it’ll be less stressful than having your friends and family do it.
  • When leaving your old house, use toothpaste or a bar of soap to fill in any nail holes. It virtually makes them disappear without much work or time at all.
  • Change your address at least 2 weeks prior to moving. That way, you can make sure you’re getting all your mail to the right place!

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