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15 Ways to Make the Most Amazing Hot Chocolate Bar

With winter and cold weather coming up on us, we’re always looking for new ways to stay warm and cozy while enjoying time with our friends and family. Having a festive get-together with a hot chocolate bar is an AWESOME party idea. Here are some great ways to make your hot chocolate bar as amazing as possible!

15 ways to make the most amazing hot chocolate bar


Don’t just offer hot chocolate and a few different flavors of marshmallows. Make your hot chocolate bar great with all sorts of toppings, creams, syrups, stirrers, and anything else that you could possibly put in hot cocoa to make it delicious.



While this definitely isn’t necessary, if you got the previous step right then it can save you a lot of time answering the question “what is this?” from all of your guests. Make some cute and simple labels that you can put on all the toppings and yummies so your guests can decide for themselves without bothering you.



You can’t have an awesome hot chocolate bar without some cute and adorable mugs for your guests to use! If you don’t want to drop a pretty dime on all those mugs, then have them bring their own. But just make sure they’re winter themed! You could even have a “best mugs” competition.


Drink Flags

This is a cute idea if you know all the guests coming and you can prepare this beforehand. If not, you can still do this idea, but just have the guests write their own names in. This not only helps keep drinks from getting “lost”, but also adds a cute dab of style to your party!


Types of Hot Chocolate

Usually you don’t want to get too crazy with your hot chocolate flavors. Just keep with a few flavors: chocolate and white chocolate are good suggestions. Let your guests flavor their own hot chocolate with all the great toppings you’ve provided.


Insulated Container

Don’t worry about your water or milk going cold during the party. Get an insulated container so that your liquids stay hot and your guests can enjoy their drinks!



Go ALL OUT on toppings. This is really the whole point of a hot chocolate bar—to customize and flavor your hot chocolate with as many yummy and tasty toppings as possible. Find great and unique candy ideas online that you can use.


Sea Salt

This may not be your first go to topping since it isn’t sweet, but it’s a must have for any hot chocolate bar. Sea salt combines so well with so many different flavors (like caramel, for example) and really gives the taste buds an extra kick of flavor!



Don’t just settle for boring straws or other simple for your hot chocolate. No, you need some fun and flavorful ones! Use cinnamon sticks, candy canes, or other stirrers that add flavor and holiday zest to the hot chocolate!


Party Favors

This isn’t necessary, but if you REALLY want to impress your gifts then get them some party favors. You could just prepare little hot chocolate baggies with some mix and a few of the toppings that you had at the bar.


Recipe Cards

If you think your guests are going to need some guidance on how to make their hot chocolate, then provide a few recipe cards with some simple but tasty hot chocolate mixtures that they’re sure to love. You can get as complex or basic as you want with these recipe cards; just have fun!



Consider inviting your guests to bring their own toppings to the party to really liven things up a bit! You can provide a few of the more basic toppings, but it’ll be fun to see what kind of candy and things your friends bring to add to the hot chocolate.



If you want to get really fancy, then provide something your guests can dip into their hot chocolate. It can be biscotti, cookies, or anything else really. They’ll love it and it’ll make them keep coming back for more!



The food and drinks isn’t the only thing that’s important at a hot chocolate bar party. You also need to have some awesome, but simple, decorations that really bring the mood. You don’t have to go all out on decorations; just add a little touch of style to show your guests you really care!



This is an awesome idea to make your hot chocolate bar awesome and unique! Syrups can really spice up your guests’ hot chocolate and make them incredibly original and flavorful!


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