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16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks

We craft not because it is easy or makes complete practical sense, but because it’s fun and brings us joy. Having said that, logic isn’t completely banned from the crafting world. In fact, some things are just downright brilliant! Make your crafting experience even more enjoyable with these awesome hacks:

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1. Yarn Dispenser

Simply attach a binder clip to the edge of a bowl and feed the yarn through it to prevent tangles! I found this idea on Buzzfeed.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


2. Gather Glitter

An easier solution for cleaning up glitter! Just roll it right up! Another great idea from Buzzfeed.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


3. Colorful Staples

Use a paint pen to create colorful staples for fancy projects. I found this idea on Pinterest, but couldn’t find the original source, let me know if you have it.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


4. Round up the Ribbon

Use a paper towel holder to organize your ribbon. Found on Buzzfeed.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


5. For All The Little Things

Use a rotating spice rack to contain all those small, easy-to-lose supplies. This contraption provides super easy access to all the little things! This idea is from DIY Inspired.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


6. Glue Time = Go Time

Mount a cookie sheet or other magnetic surface to the ceiling or overhang, then attach magnets to the bottom of your glue bottles. This provides easy access AND eliminates the need to wait forever for the glue to get to the tip! This great idea from Home and Garden.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


7. Glue Gun Holder

Man, I need one of these! My glue gun absolutely will not stand on its own! And I have a pet peeve of glue guns laying on their side. Something my mother instilled in me I suppose. One Project Closer shared this awesome idea.

7 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


8. Tin Can Organization Cups

Great way to recycle, and get all your craft supplies organized! I found this one on Hometalk.

I hope you found these hacks helpful! Happy crafting!

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


10. Dresser turned into Crafting Shelves

Take out the drawers of your old dresser, and add shelves. You’ll have the perfect craft desk with so much shelf space! Found on Hometalk.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


11. Dollar Store Noodle Wreath Form

Buy a cheap foam noodle and turn it into a wreath form! Make your DIY wreaths even less expensive! Step by step tutorial on The Art of Doing Stuff.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


12. Crochet Grips

Make your crocheting more comfortable by simply adding pencil grips! This great idea from Donna’s Decembers.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


13. Sharpen Scissors

Get rid of your dull crafting scissors…simply cut a piece piece of aluminum foil, or sand paper. Genius idea from Martha Stewart.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


14. Roll Out Mod Podge Bubbles

Get rid of the bubbles in your mod podge projects by using a roller. Idea from Mod Podge Rocks.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


15. Use a Fork to Make a Perfect Bow

I definitely need this one! No matter how hard I try my bows are always crooked. Who knew the solution was in my house all along? Buzzfeed gives us the tutorial.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks


16. Get the Creases Out of Ribbon

Use a light bulb to get those pesky creases out of your ribbon! I found this one on Better Homes and Gardens.

16 Brilliant DIY Crafting Hacks

9 thoughts on “16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks”

  1. I would add to this idea, to tie a piece of sting loosly through the spool, around the ribbon, to prevent pooling of ribon at the base. Making it loose enough to work with the ribbon. Excellent idea though, very creative.

  2. 16. Get the Creases Out of Ribbon – I would think using an iron would be quicker and easier than taking a lampshade of a lamp then positioning said lamp to “iron” the wrinkles from ribbon. Not to mention the real possibility of burning your fingers on the light bulb. Why reinvent the wheel?


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