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25 Life Hacks that Will Change Your Life

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Discovering new hacks is such a great thing to do. It’s really incredible to see how ordinary everyday items have extraordinary uses. Who would have thought there was a way to salvage your iPhone charging cable? Prepare to be amazed with these 25 hacks that will completely change your outlook! 1.Use a spring from a … Read more 25 Life Hacks that Will Change Your Life

Top 15 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

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Thrift store shopping can save you tons of money, especially when these tips are kept in mind. We don’t have a magic trick to help you find the best jeans on the rack in no time at all, we do have these great tips and tricks to help you find the most incredible “stuff”. Perfect … Read more Top 15 Thrift Store Shopping Tips

How to Paint and Get a Perfect Line

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Getting a perfect line on the edges and corners while your painting a wall can be so stressful! So how do you make sure paint stays only where it’s supposed to? Here are some of the best tips for keeping your lines straight while you’re painting. Hopefully this will help you out with your next … Read more How to Paint and Get a Perfect Line

16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks

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We craft not because it is easy or makes complete practical sense, but because it’s fun and brings us joy. Having said that, logic isn’t completely banned from the crafting world. In fact, some things are just downright brilliant! Make your crafting experience even more enjoyable with these awesome hacks:   1. Yarn Dispenser Simply … Read more 16 Brilliant DIY Craft Hacks