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22 Kitchen Hacks that Will Change You Forever

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The kitchen is hands down the busiest room in the house. It is the heart of any household, and there is constant foot traffic through the kitchen. Don’t let the thought of a disorganized or messy kitchen keep you from entertaining. With these 22 amazing tips, you can have a fun and functional kitchen. 1. … Read more

DIY Kitchen Ideas

So, the kitchen. A very important part, if not the most essential part of a home (if you’re asking me, anyways). Also a very problematic part of a home, let’s be honest. It can be difficult to keep things looking as posh and sophisticated as you need them to be. So, here’s a few ideas … Read more

10 Awesome Ways to Use Pocket Organizers

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure we all need some more organization in our lives. And we’ve all got at least one pocket organizer lying around. Let’s put it to good use and start organizing things! I need this. Take your bills, your mail, your spam, everything you never organize in your … Read more

12 Impressive DIY Projects with Pipe

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There is something fascinating about pipes. That sentence looks weird. But it’s true, right? They just look cool! Industrial, strangely beautiful? Yes! So why not tap into that loveliness and work it to your advantage? The following ideas will hopefully inspire you to do just that. From Liz Marie, this is amazing. Like, wow. I’m impressed. … Read more

15 Budget Room Makeovers You Have to See

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When you feel all hope is lost with your remodel, think again. The following are a few heartwarming, hope-giving signs of life. The end of the road is ahead! Transformation from worst to bad to good to great to gorgeous is truly possible. Check out these real-life photo testaments to confirm. From View Along the Way … Read more

10 Perfect Paint Colors for Your Kitchen

10 Perfect Paint Colors For Your Kitchen

 The paint in your kitchen can make the boldest statement in the room, or it can act in a more subtle way. It’s all up to you! Here are some trendy color schemes and what they mean for the feel of your kitchen:   Yellow. Yellow is a classic kitchen color. It reminds me of … Read more