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DIY Kitchen Ideas

So, the kitchen. A very important part, if not the most essential part of a home (if you’re asking me, anyways). Also a very problematic part of a home, let’s be honest. It can be difficult to keep things looking as posh and sophisticated as you need them to be. So, here’s a few ideas to savvy up the kitchen.

DIY Kitchen Projects

First up from Melissa, a stand for kitchen supplies can be expensive…or you can just make it yourself. Melissa took a wine glass and a plate. Paint, some glue, and a lot of brilliance turned it into this beautiful accessory.


Kathy knows the woes of trying to spice up your cupboard doors. They can be the source of so much woe. Instead of entering your kitchen and weeping, try this idea to liven up those cupboard surfaces. This picture shows literally all you need: paint, glue, and some mosaics to apply to your cupboards. Whala!


Then She Made…the perfect soup organizers! I don’t know about you, but my soup cans end up everywhere in my pantry except where I want them to be. This homemade organizer is just cardboard, but it’s cute and perfect for organizing.


Jen–for that painfully junky area under the sink. Breathe easily and try this: hang a rod down there (I know, it can be scary just to open the doors) and put your kitchen supplies on it!


Jamie, thank you for this! I love this cute idea. Jamie took shutters, painted them, and then hang various kitchen supplies from their bright sunny surface. How cute is that?


Jen has solved a problem we’ve all faced: the plastic bag revolution. Keep them contained and looking cute by reusing a wet-wipes container and sticking plastic bags in instead.


I’m so enthralled by this idea from Tara. Using a ruler, a rod, and a big old roll of brown paper, she created her own little memo board.


For that annoying problem we’ve all faced: when your hand rag falls off its perch again and again! Martha Stewart Living gives this suggestion: add some velcro!


My Old Country House gives a great tutorial (I mean, great) for this beautiful and posh kitchen island.


I love this SO MUCH. From Jan, the perfect way to keep track of your knives. Magnetize a board and keep the shiny blades safe and easily accessible.


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