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How To Create Concrete Interiors

I’m not sure if the concrete trend is thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West taking us on a tour of their Hidden Hills Mansion (the entire interior is unique concrete) or if it’s thanks to Pinterest, but concrete is here. And it isn’t going anywhere as far as interior design is concerned. If you’re … Read more

DIY Corner Kitchen Eating Nooks

There’s something so cozy about eating breakfast around a kitchen eating nook! It’s so intimate, and frankly, as a Mom, easier to clean up than a kitchen table would be! My husband and I helped his younger sister install an eating nook in the corner of her kitchen just last weekend. It turned out really … Read more

Master (Of) Suite Dreams

Growing up, I absolutely could not wait to purchase my own home so that I could call the master suite my own. I had grand visions of a stately four-post bed, a claw-foot tub larger than one could ever need, and a vanity stacked with all my beauty essentials! Naturally, times have changed! Though I … Read more

The Mysterious Popularity of Iron Gates

Looking for a surefire way to keep out unwanted visitors while keeping your home looking great? Why not try installing an iron gate? These beauties have been around for centuries, and for good reason. Iron gates aren’t expected to go out of style soon!  Learn why below.  The History of Iron Gates Did you know … Read more

Simple Design Elements To Create A Farmhouse Look

Dying to incorporate that classic farmhouse feel into a home that isn’t super farmhouse-y. You just described the battle of just about every homeowner today. Don’t worry, a total remodel will not be necessary, just add a few of these design elements inside of your home instead. Keep reading to see what they are.  Wooden … Read more

2019 Exterior Trends

Every year, right around this time, I love to look at the expected exterior trends taking over the home decor world. I like to look at the trends now because it’s the perfect time to do just that with summer only weeks away. If you spend as much time outdoors as me and my family … Read more