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Bad Ass Audio Room Ideas

If you’ve never considered implementing an audio room in your home, it’s something that I highly recommend you consider in the coming year. Not only do these specially-made rooms amplify the notes in your favorite song, but the amplified acoustics can actually improve your life.  I recommend checking out one of these incredible audio room … Read more

Opposites Attract! White Cabinets Black Granite

I spend a great deal of time on Pinterest and I have noticed an interesting trend in home decor and design over the last couple of months: it seems like everyone wants to pair white cabinets with black granite! Personally, I love the look and have considered remodeling my kitchen with look of white cabinets … Read more

Creative DIY Ideas For Kitchen Backsplashes That Don’t Use Tile

 I love the look of a pretty backsplash. It really does wonders in regards to completing a space. But have you ever thought about creating kitchen backsplashes that doesn’t use any tile at all? Believe it or not, it’s possible. And they look incredible! Here are a few of my favorite DIY kitchen backsplashes that … Read more

5 Historically Accurate Elements of A Craftsman Home (That You Can Easily Add To Your House)

 I love the look of a classic craftsman home! There’s just something so beautiful about all of the woodwork and other elements of the home. If you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful, craftsman home, but can’t find one in your price range or region, add these five elements to your home. These are classic elements … Read more

Cheap Home Exterior Ideas For Expensive Looking Curb Appeal

 Designing the exterior of our home was one of my husband’s favorite things to do when we went through our remodel. And I can’t say that I blame him: curb appeal really says a lot about a home! Unfortunately, with all of the other drama of our remodel (remind me to tell you about it … Read more

You’d Never Think A Mural Would Look Good Here

Do you have a small corner or room of your house that needs a colorful update of some kind? Why not put a mural on the wall? Believe it or not, murals look wonderful in a variety of different small spaces. Something about them creates a sense of depth; making just about every space look … Read more