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Bad Ass Audio Room Ideas

If you’ve never considered implementing an audio room in your home, it’s something that I highly recommend you consider in the coming year. Not only do these specially-made rooms amplify the notes in your favorite song, but the amplified acoustics can actually improve your life.  I recommend checking out one of these incredible audio room ideas to implement into your own home.
If you like music, and you like it loud with great quality, an audio room is the way to go. Your own space to chill while listening to your favorite tunes. Leave everything behind in one of these rooms. They are to music lovers what a man cave is to a sports fanatic. Keep reading for audio room ideas from equipment to decor and more. Turn up the volume!! #audioroomdesign #audioroomideas
Audio Room Ideas: Audiophile
When designing your own audio room, woodwork is always a must-have. Wood is an excellent carrier of sound, after all! Of course, moody lighting (while it doesn’t do much to impact sound quality) definitely sets the mood. This is the perfect room for audiophiles!
If you've ever considered having an audio room in your home, you should do it! These audio room ideas are amazing. See how having an audio room can change your life.
Audio Room Ideas: Vinyl Storage
Of course, one of the most important things to do when getting your audio room set up is setting aside the designated space for vinyl storage. I love the idea of creating a built-in wooden shelf for vinyl storage. If you’d rather not deal with built-ins, there are several inexpensive bookshelves from IKEA that will fit vinyl records.
Audio Room Ideas: Loudspeaker
No audio room is complete without a loudspeaker to enjoy your tunes with! While the brand you get will depend on the features you want, Amazon is a great resource for all things audio rooms. I recommend this speaker set.
If you've ever considered having an audio room in your home, you should do it! These audio room ideas are amazing. See how you can add an audio room to your home.
Audio Room Ideas: Mancave
Surprise your husband with his own audio room man cave this year! Of course, you’ll need speakers and all of that good stuff, but why not include a television too? There’s nothing like watching sports in surround sound, it’s like you are really there! Of course, theme the room around your husband’s favorite things. You might even find it’s fun to retreat to this space, too!
Audio Room Ideas: Photos
With wooden floors, this audio room is pretty bare-bones but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. Less furniture (and carpeting!) means that the music doesn’t get muffled as easy. Clear sound is always ideal, right?
Most audio rooms have something on the ceiling called a “ceiling diffuser” that works to distribute sound better up high. Why not make yours into artwork like the DIYer did below?
If you've ever considered having an audio room in your home, you should do it! These audio room ideas are amazing. See all the different ideas there are for audio rooms.

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  1. We put more oomph in our rec room and home with our custom built 10 tube 80 pound tube amp with our vintage 1976 Cerwin Vega S 1 speakers totally upgraded by CV. Always play vinyl like Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac types, Metallica etc, No cd even comes close, Dac not for me. for home Tv audio we use a 10 inch 300 watt Cerwin Vega sub woofer. You can not compare the sound. Just Feel the Difference and Smile. Quality sound is equipment + room size + room designs, sound proofing etc. Most of all, it is what Your ears Like and budget can afford.


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