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Capiz Shell Chandelier – Spruce up Your Space with This Incredible Centerpiece

Are you looking to buy a chandelier for your home? Look no further than a capiz shell chandelier. Many people use capiz shells for centuries for decorative use. Originally, they started as a replacement for window glass in the Philippines. You can find them in shallow waters. They are collected, cleaned and then polished together. … Read more

12 Awesome Ideas For A Small Laundry Area

Ugh, the laundry room. It causes great sighs often in my home. Laundry is just one of those chores that is never fun. But if you can decorate a space and make it a fun one to be in, chores aren’t really that bad after all right? Here are a few small laundry area ideas. … Read more

Fun Things to do with Old Doors

I love repurposing old junk and turning trash into treasure. Recently I came across a photo of an old door that had been revamped and turned into something awesome. Turns out, there’s lots of things you can make out of cool vintage doors. Check out this list of old door ideas to get your creativity … Read more

How to Paint and Get a Perfect Line

Getting a perfect line on the edges and corners while your painting a wall can be so stressful! So how do you make sure paint stays only where it’s supposed to? Here are some of the best tips on how to paint a perfect line. Hopefully this will help you out with your next DIY … Read more

How to Install Heated Flooring-Easily!

Hopping from rug to rug on a cold day is something we’ve all done. Those cold floors would send chills from your feet, all the way up to your skull. Heated floors, though they’ve been around for awhile, seemed to only be possible for the rich and famous. But now, as these products have become … Read more

How to Remove Yucky Oil Stains from Concrete

How to Remove Yucky Oil Stains from Concrete| Remove Oil Stains, How to Remove Oil Stains, Oil Stains, Cleaning Oil Stains, How to Clean Oil Stains, Cleaning #Cleaning #CleanOilStains

Oil stains on your concrete are unavoidable and sadly, very ugly. Running the hose over these bad boys isn’t going to make a difference. But with a few different cleaning solutions, you can clean them up in no time. Here’s how to remove oil stains from concrete. How To Remove Oil Stains From Concrete Removing … Read more