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How to Stain Your Concrete Floor {Easily!}

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Concrete used to be thought of as a plain surface that you couldn’t do much with. But nowadays, it is entirely possible {and even easy!} to stain your concrete surfaces and give them a nice color. Let’s learn how to stain concrete floors from an expert. Concrete stains come in either water or acid-based, and … Read more

Fix It Series: DIY Door Upgrades From Hollow Core to Say No More

Though your interior doors may not be seen by more than a few guests, it’s nice to give them an upgrade whenever possible. Not only are hollow core doors super flimsy but you can definitely tell when your interior doors are made using less-quality materials. Instead of starting at your ugly, hollow core doors, give … Read more

Rustic Christmas Craft Ideas

Get ready for Christmas with any of these ideas for rustic Christmas crafts. They’re easy to make, and they look incredible displayed wherever you think they look best! But the Christmas season is about giving. Right? It’s a good thing that every one of rustic Christmas craft ideas makes for a lovely neighborhood Christmas gift! … Read more

DIY Snowflake Gifts… Blizzard Conditions Everyone Will Love

Today we are talking about a great idea for Christmas. Try these easy to make DIY snowflake gifts. It can be hard to come up with a neighborhood Christmas gift that your neighbors will love but one that doesn’t cost you a fortune! Just a few years ago I found myself in this very situation. … Read more

Handmade Wooden Gifts For Christmas

Let’s get building! After all, Christmas is only a few months away. Let’s get started on a handmade wooden gifts! Every year, I make it a goal of mine to handmade gifts for a few of my closest friends. While store bought gifts can be great, I think it means a little bit more when … Read more

Cute Cottage Trim Ideas Even the Beginner Can Create

I’ve always dreamed of having my own cottage. There’s just something about the quaint style that would make me feel like I was permanently on vacation or permanently in a fairytale novel. One of my grandmas has lived in a cottage for as long as I can remember and during a weekend trip not too … Read more