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10 Uses for Old Suitcases

DIY Suitcase Side Table

There are few things more quaint and classy than antique suitcases. Really, any suitcase holds stories and possibilities and loveliness. They all deserve to be preserved, yet somehow we lose track of them. Check out these fabulous ideas for the perfect solution to hanging on the the charm of old suitcases. From Elsie and Emma … Read more

12 Easter Egg Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, friends! For such a happy holiday, where would we be without the delight of Easter egg hunts and scavengers? Enjoy a few fun ideas to spice up your Easter celebrations. First up from Super Healthy Kids, this fun project doesn’t involve any treats in the eggs, but instead a series … Read more

6 Crafty Ways to use Paper Cups

Fun Paper Cup Crafts

Paper cups have two roles in my house: hello, and goodbye. I’m certainly going to branch out and try some new things, and these tutorials are the inspiration! A paper cup isn’t just a paper cup. It can become….well, look and see. We’ll start with Rebecca. I was going to wait to uncover this one because … Read more

10 Great Ways to use Toilet Paper Rolls

Confessions of a perfectionist woman: empty toilet paper rolls stress me out of my mind. They accumulate in the blink of an eye! If you’re like me, try some of these lifesavers for fun, simple, and resourceful crafts. Holly Homer is the queen of crafts. This train from toilet paper rolls is the perfect activity for … Read more

6 Amazing PVC Pipe Upcycles or Hacks

Creative PVC Projects and Upcycles

Weird fun fact about me: I really like PVC pipes. Who knew how resourceful one can be with them, though? Enjoy a few ideas for putting these great, versatile pipes to use in very unexpected ways. Martha Stewart, great lady. I mean, just take a look at this tree made from PVC pipes! This is a … Read more