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DIY Easter Baskets Made of Wood

I love all the Spring holidays, but I love Easter the most. I also love tackling a woodworking project at any time that my schedule allows for it. So, when I saw these absolutely adorable DIY Easter baskets from Ana White, I was hooked! I had to make them ASAP.  Believe it or not, these … Read more

DIY Easter Porch Decor Ideas. Some Bunny Was Really Clever

Easter weekend is almost exactly a month away and I’ve already started getting my house put together. I decorated my mantle yesterday, and I’m about to tackle my front porch today! I had several DIY Easter porch decor ideas that I really love, and now I just have to pick my favorite! See my full … Read more

How to Dye Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

How to Dye Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream

With Easter comes lots of holiday traditions, including coloring and/or dying eggs. If you’ve already done this for a few years, it can get pretty rote and boring. Plus, it can be hard to come up with new designs for your eggs, as well. Well, here’s the solution to your problem: dying Easter eggs by … Read more

15 Amazing Spring Wreaths You Need in Your Life

15 Amazing Spring Wreaths You Need in Your Life

Just because it’s not Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t have one! Nothing says “spring” better than a beautiful and colorful wreath in your home! Here are just a few amazing spring wreaths that you can buy (or make yourself) for this spring! Tulips You can really do this wreath with any kind of flower, but … Read more

12 Easter Egg Treasure/Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, friends! For such a happy holiday, where would we be without the delight of Easter egg hunts and scavengers? Enjoy a few fun ideas to spice up your Easter celebrations. First up from Super Healthy Kids, this fun project doesn’t involve any treats in the eggs, but instead a series … Read more