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15 Amazing Spring Wreaths You Need in Your Life

Just because it’s not Christmas, doesn’t mean you can’t have one! Nothing says “spring” better than a beautiful and colorful wreath in your home! Here are just a few amazing spring wreaths that you can buy (or make yourself) for this spring!


You can really do this wreath with any kind of flower, but tulips are especially spring-y and do a great job of bringing color to your home. If you want to make your own, then just find a design you like online and copy that!



Add burlap to any wreath you have to make it even better! You can even make a wreath solely out of burlap if you really want to! Use your imagination and have fun!


Spring Grass

This is a gorgeous wreath! Add some simple yet beautiful flowers to the arrangement to make it pop with even more color in your home.


Floral Monogram

If you want to make your wreath as unique as possible, then try turning it into a floral monogram. You can still get all the look and feel of a springtime wreath, but the monogram will give you a nice touch of home!


Cupcake Liner

Not only is this a beautiful wreath, it’s also made out of ingenious materials! Who would have thought that a few cupcake liners cleverly arranged could look so good! Choose liners with simple yet bold colors to make an excellent wreath.


Easter Egg

If you have a ton of plastic Easter eggs lying around just waiting to be stepped on or broken (or if they’re already broken) then turn them into a wonderful spring wreath! All you need is some glue and some time and you’re good to go!


Easter Candy

There’s always that one kind of Easter candy that no one in the family likes. Instead of just throwing it out, try making a wreath out of it. Now, this may not work for all kinds of candies, but it’s at least worth a shot!wreath7

Fabric Scraps

Turns those old fabric scraps into a beautiful work of art by arranging them into a wreath! It doesn’t require much work and you can put it up anywhere around your home!


Twig and Flower

Ahh, the classic spring wreath: twigs and flowers. These are pretty easy to make (or cheap to buy) and they’re the perfect embodiment of the emerging season.



Add a little pizazz to the wreath you already have by putting some butterflies on it. You can make the butterflies out of paper, felt, or whatever other material you see fit. Make them in all different sizes and colors to really look gorgeous.



I think this is such a clever idea! Make your wreath look like a bird nest by making it out of twigs and then adding a few decorative eggs! It screams spring and looks great, too!



If you’re feeling crafty enough, then this is a great project to take on! It may take a bit of effort and work to get it, but the results are breath taking! You can even add flowers to the pots to make it even better!



Bring spring to your home with a beautiful wreath AND a nice flock of birds! Okay, maybe you won’t get a bird to nest in the birdhouse, but it’s still an iconic symbol of spring that looks great on the wreath!


Umbrella Bouquet

“April showers bring May flowers” right? So why not embody that saying with your very own wreath! You can do this lots of different ways, so just make it unique and make it cute!



When spring rolls around, you pretty much can’t get enough moss, right? Well, take some of that leftover moss and use it to make a gorgeous seasonal wreath! It’s simple but looks great.


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