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20 Teenage Room Décor Ideas

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Teenagers can be…shall we say…tricky? They need their own space. A place they feel comfortable and safe. Here’s the helping them make that space unique, personal, livable, and in all ways theirs. Ladies first. From Bethany Mota this heart-shaped collage with melt every heart. Memories on the wall will not go wrong. How about this from Karisa? Make even … Read more

10 Chalkboard Calendar Ideas that Look Amazing

Chalkboard Calendar Ideas that Look Amazing

Chalkboards are fun. As trite as that sounds, it’s the truth. Now here’s another fact: Calendars are a necessity for life. Now, what about combining those two wonderful things into one perfect fabulous idea? A chalkboard calendar? A delightful way to keep track of things. First up from HGTV (which is a fabulous place, by the way), … Read more

Filing Cabinet Upcycle and Recycle Ideas

Awesome Ways to Upcycle a Filing Cabinet

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you hope for the future. Filing cabinets have been known to be the bane of my existence. Ugly, bulky, space-hogs, but unfortunately also essential. A little research has given me some ideas that have inspired serious filing cabinet upgrades. Check these out for hope and future happiness.   This is … Read more

18 DIY Pet Projects and Recipes

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For those little friends we love so much, here a few fabulous ideas you can try yourself. Your pets will love you for these creative signs of extra love. Okay, this is awesome. Homemade shampoo for your furry little friends. Check out Pioneer Settlers for the full tutorial. A homemade chew-toy! This is a great idea from Better … Read more

16 Creative DIY Nighstand Ideas

Creative DIY Nightstand Ideas

Nightstands are very important. That is a legit statement! They make or break the bedroom, friends. And we need them to be so purposeful for our many uses. Try a few of these fun ideas for nightstands that will delight. From Instructables, stack some wood for the perfect nightstand. I love this rustic feel. Okay, this … Read more

10 Awesome Ways to Use Pocket Organizers

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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure we all need some more organization in our lives. And we’ve all got at least one pocket organizer lying around. Let’s put it to good use and start organizing things! I need this. Take your bills, your mail, your spam, everything you never organize in your … Read more