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How to Refinish Laminate Countertops

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If your home currently has laminate counter tops and you’re sick of looking at them, you can repaint them with a bit of know-how and a little patients. Solid colors are possible, but an easier and more forgiving paint job is done when aiming for a faux granite finish. But before you get to painting, … Read more

Cheap and Easy Ways to Fill Nail Holes

Cheap and Easy Ways to Fill Nail Holes| How to Fill Nail Holes, Easily Fill Nail Holes, Home Improvement, Home Improvement Projects, DIY Home Improvement, Fast Home Improvement Projects #HomeImprovement #HomeImprovementProjects #DIYHome

  Spackling Paste Now we have to state the obvious – Spackling is the best way to fill nail holes. But we don’t all have spackle lying around the house when we need it. In case you’re in need of a quick fix, then keep reading because we have a few household items you could … Read more

The Easy Guide to Fixing a Rotting Floor

The Easy Guide to Fixing a Rotting Floor| Flooring Fixes, How to Fix Flooring, Quick Ways to Fix Flooring, How to Fix Areas of Wood Rot, Floor Care #HomeRepair #DIYHomeRepair

Oh boy. You discovered rotting wood in your home, on your deck, in the attic – who cares where it is. One thing is for sure.. You need to fix this problem ASAP. Once you’re sure that the termite problem is taken care of, you can start replacing the wood that has been destroyed. Tools … Read more

12 One-Hour Home Improvement Projects

  1. Update A Faucet In any kitchen and any bathroom, you can make a big splash by swapping an old or ugly faucet for something new and nice on the eyes. This is one home improvement project that can be done in under an hour and for pretty minimal cost. 2. Switch Out Old … Read more

12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home (On A Budget!)

12 Easy Ways to Improve Your Home (On A Budget!)| Improve Your Home on a Budget, Budget Home Decor, DIY Home Improvements, Home Improvement DIYs, Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Home, Home Improvement DIYs, Popular Pin

1. Cover an ugly old tub. Replacing a tub is super expensive so to make your dollars go farther, cover it up instead! 2. Cover Old Garage Doors With A Pop Of Color Drivers-by will “oooh” and “ahhh” at your fresh looking exterior after you throw a bright coat of paint over your old garage doors. … Read more

Update Your Bathtub on the Cheap

Even if you have a bathroom with a very basic builder’s tub included, you don’t have to live with it. There are some tricks that will help you turn a builder’s tub into a showpiece without breaking the bank! These are DIY solutions, so click through and see just how you can update your bathtub on … Read more