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Update Your Bathtub on the Cheap

Even if you have a bathroom with a very basic builder’s tub included, you don’t have to live with it. There are some tricks that will help you turn a builder’s tub into a showpiece without breaking the bank! These are DIY solutions, so click through and see just how you can update your bathtub on the cheap.

Lance and Diane over at Spruce & Pine have experience updating builder’s tubs, and the results are pretty fantastic. Here’s an example of a basic builder’s tub. This one is cast iron, but you can get them in fiberglass, acrylic and steel.

KOHLER Villager White Cast Iron Rectangular Skirted Bathtub with Right-Hand Drain (Common: 31-in x 60-in; Actual: 14-in x 30.25-in x 60-in)

 The first trick that Lance and Diane use is to jack the tub up. They used pressure treated 4x4s. These pieces of lumber lift the tub up 4 inches. It instantly makes the bathtub feel much bigger.

Now you can add a false face to the front of the tub. This one was faced in wood to match wainscoting in the rest of the house. But that’s just one option to consider. You could face your tub with reclaimed wood, tiles in any desired size, or stone. If you have any of these types of materials leftover from other areas of your home, consider using them to upgrade your tub.

A stone ledge was added to the top of this bathtub over at Spruce & Pine. This particular ledge piece is white quartz. Check with stone suppliers in your area for remnants you could acquire on the cheap.

Once the wood face is painted, the formerly basic bathtub looks like a million bucks. {But it really cost less than $500 in materials}. What an amazing difference a bathtub upgrade can make!

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