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Easy Farmhouse DIY Decor Items Made From Scrap Wood (But Look Incredible)

 I love to DIY. Obviously. And because I love to tackle any kind of DIY project, I’ve developed a quite impressive scrap woodpile. One of my favorite things to do is use these pieces of scrap wood to make other incredible DIY projects. This week, one of my good friends moved into a new farmhouse … Read more

How To Create Concrete Interiors

I’m not sure if the concrete trend is thanks to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West taking us on a tour of their Hidden Hills Mansion (the entire interior is unique concrete) or if it’s thanks to Pinterest, but concrete is here. And it isn’t going anywhere as far as interior design is concerned. If you’re … Read more

Smooth Sailing: DIY Nautical Projects

If you are constantly dreaming of spending a day at the beach, but don’t have the time for a family vacation, why not bring the beach to you right at home? Nautical decor is becoming all of the rage in home decor trends this year. There’s something about it that just looks so effortlessly vintage … Read more

Light Up Your Life With These Bright Lamp Makeover Ideas

If I am being honest, I really hated my living room lamps. They were ancient, boring, and just not very my style anymore. I had been dying for new lamps for quite some time, but couldn’t find anything at the store I loved either. So that’s when I had an idea: why not makeover my … Read more

The Essentials Of Minimalist Decor

Just recently, I’ve really started to get into this whole “minimalist decor” thing. In fact, my husband and I completely remodeled our living room a few months ago to look more minimalistic! One of the things I love most about minimalist decor is that a little really does go a long way. If you find … Read more

DIY Easter Porch Decor Ideas. Some Bunny Was Really Clever

Easter weekend is almost exactly a month away and I’ve already started getting my house put together. I decorated my mantle yesterday, and I’m about to tackle my front porch today! I had several DIY Easter porch decor ideas that I really love, and now I just have to pick my favorite! See my full … Read more