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Painting Happiness Is So Simple With These Colors

I’m a firm believer in the whole color affects mood thing. I truly think that painting rooms of your home certain colors reflect how you feel while spending time in them. For example, blue and grey hues ALWAYS make me feel calm and relaxed, while bright yellows and oranges are sure to lift my spirits … Read more Painting Happiness Is So Simple With These Colors

Above The Rest! Attic Spaces That Are Top Notch

We’ve never really utilized our attic space, except as a place for storage. Last weekend, I went to work decluttering our attic space, and we got rid of a TON. My husband created a storage shelf for the boxes we just couldn’t get rid of. Now, our attic is a completely open room and the … Read more Above The Rest! Attic Spaces That Are Top Notch

DIY Ideas For A Pot Rack

My brother has officially been in his new home for a week now! And while we are still fully occupied with remodeling areas of his house, it’s been so fun to see what we have tackled so far come together. However, just the other day we realized that he doesn’t have enough cabinet space for … Read more DIY Ideas For A Pot Rack

Wainscoting Ideas For The WOW Factor

Looking for a relatively easy way to dress up any room of your home? Install wainscoting! If done by yourself, a super simple addition like woodwork can be done at a fraction of the cost and for way less time if done with the help of someone! Use one of the ideas that I’ve outlined … Read more Wainscoting Ideas For The WOW Factor

Craftsman Paint Colors

I’ve recently become downright obsessed with craftsman-style homes. It could be because my younger brother is moving into one, or it could be because they are just simply gorgeous. While he loves his new home, he’s a little less in love with its paint color. So, to help him fall a little more in love … Read more Craftsman Paint Colors

2019 Interior Paint Prophecy

I’m gazing into my crystal ball…I’m gazing into my crystal ball…and I see new paint colors in my home for 2019! I haven’t painted my living room in a few years, and I’m eager to make a drastic change to my space, I just don’t know what to do yet! I want something hip, something … Read more 2019 Interior Paint Prophecy