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2019 Interior Paint Prophecy

I’m gazing into my crystal ball…I’m gazing into my crystal ball…and I see new paint colors in my home for 2019! I haven’t painted my living room in a few years, and I’m eager to make a drastic change to my space, I just don’t know what to do yet! I want something hip, something … Read more 2019 Interior Paint Prophecy

How To Paint Behind A Toilet

Let’s be completely honest for a moment: when we first start to tackle the project of painting our bathrooms, do any of us really consider what’s needed to paint that pesky area behind the toilet? I didn’t think so! As far as I’m concerned, the area behind the toilet is like a black hole when … Read more How To Paint Behind A Toilet

12 Furniture Painting Hacks That Everyone Should Know

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  This may seem too obvious, but it needs to be said. Before you even start painting your furniture, you should choose the correct type of brush. The length, thickness of bristles, and overall quality will make your project a lot easier (or a lot harder) so it’s worth paying attention to.   To keep … Read more 12 Furniture Painting Hacks That Everyone Should Know

15 Surprisingly Sophisticated Chalkboard Projects

15 Surprisingly Sophisticated Chalkboard Projects

Chalkboard projects have been the rage for quite some time, and we don’t think they’ll be going out of style any time soon! Here are 15 totally unique chalkboard paint projects. Chalkboard Back Splash  Instead of a classic tile back splash, try using chalkboard paint! You can customize it based on holidays or items on … Read more 15 Surprisingly Sophisticated Chalkboard Projects

How to Paint and Get a Perfect Line

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Getting a perfect line on the edges and corners while your painting a wall can be so stressful! So how do you make sure paint stays only where it’s supposed to? Here are some of the best tips for keeping your lines straight while you’re painting. Hopefully this will help you out with your next … Read more How to Paint and Get a Perfect Line

20 Best Interior Paint Colors

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I love changing up the colors of my house, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the paint options out there. So many beautiful colors, and so few walls. To make the process easier, I’ve gathered some of the best paint colors together–hopefully you’ll find one that’s perfect for your home.