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8 Things You Must Know Before You Paint Metal

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Ready to repaint your metal furniture but not sure how to begin? Make sure the metal is in as good a condition it can be before you repaint. Here are some tips for removing rust and other marks: 1. You don’t want to  paint over too much rust. If your metal paint project has rust, … Read more

10 Must Know Tips When Choosing a Paint Color

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

Picking a paint color can be a difficult task, especially if it is a main room in your home.  But before I get into tips for picking colors, remember that you can purchase small sample cans of paint at most paint stores for very little money and cover a small area to get a real … Read more

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Pro

How to Paint Your Ceiling Like a Professional

A sharp white ceiling can really brighten a room, It will also make the color of your walls pop.  That is if you do it correctly… If you do not tape off your ceiling correctly when painting it can make your paint job look sloppy.     Tape Your Ceiling Here is a trick I … Read more

5 Ways to Make Homemade Picture Frames

5 Ways to Make Homemade Picture Frames

  It was about 2 days before Christmas and my wife told me that we needed 4 large picture frames for the kids playroom and it was going to be part of their Christmas presents.  The problem was… We had already blown the Christmas budget and I had no time to build anything extravagant! I … Read more