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10 Must Know Tips When Choosing a Paint Color

Picking a paint color can be a difficult task, especially if it is a main room in your home.  But before I get into tips for picking colors, remember that you can purchase small sample cans of paint at most paint stores for very little money and cover a small area to get a real feel for how the paint will look in place.  I highly recommend this to everyone before painting a large area, since many paint colors have a tendency to shift color depending on their surroundings and lighting.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color


1. Start Small

HGTV recommends that when choosing a paint color, you first begin on an accent wall or in a bathroom. Pick an area where it is easy to see the results of the painting soon. To start, choose a color that you already love. This color could be from a pillow, rug, painting, or from anything else in your home.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

2. Pay Attention to Lighting

I am always negligent when it comes to planning my paint color around the lighting in my house, and I ALWAYS run into issues with it. Make sure your paint works in any and all lighting using the “light boxes” supplied at the paint store.Test your paint in all lighting, as sometimes florescent lighting can make your color look blue. This will save you time and money later! Another fantastic tip from HGTV.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

3. Walk To Another Room

They aren’t lying when they say it is good to make sure your home “flows nicely.” The Washington Post recommends, when choosing a paint color, walk from room to room. This will help you keep your entire house in mind, and make it so your color choices flow gorgeously.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

4. Don’t Compare A Paint Sample To A White Wall

I am definitely guilty of this! Come to find out, comparing a paint sample to a white wall will cause the paint to look darker. Which can result in your painting your walls too light. To really compare a paint sample, use a sofa, or other big piece in your living room to compare and choose a color! A handy pointer from The Washington Post.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

5. Don’t Lose Sight Of What You REALLY Want

Just because orange is your favorite color, does not mean that you should paint your bedroom orange. Especially when you were painting the bedroom to be a relaxing safe haven. The Huffington Post suggests, always remembering what the intention of the space was. It will keep you happier in the long run!

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

6. Colors Can Make Your Room Look Larger

Now, I know that this is a little hard to believe, but colors can change the appearance of the sizes of your rooms. According to Sherwin Williams, if you want to make your room look larger, pick a light colored paint and then incorporate furniture pieces that are from the same color scheme. Who doesn’t want a tiny room to appear bigger?

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

7. Keep The Color Wheel In Mind

When you are choosing a paint color it can be helpful to consider where your paints fall on the color wheel.  It can be fun to use colors opposite each other on the color wheel for a nice contrast.  Colors next to each other on the wheel go together as well, and one will accent the other.  The colors on the blue side of the wheel have a tendency to make a room appear larger, as well as cooler.  Colors on the red side have a warmer feel, and are vibrant.


8. Paint Finish Is Important

Depending on the area your are working on, a matte finish could look best. Or maybe, a glossy finish is the better option. Finishes have impacts on wall imperfections and lighting.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

9. Look Up!

About Home recommends always recommends making sure that your ceiling is considered when painting. Because ceilings are often darker, it is important to keep the lighting into consideration when choosing paint colors to match one another.

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

10. Ask Away!

If you are truly stumped and just need some professional advice, don’t be afraid to ask! There are specialists at every paint store, all of whom likely have an answer to your question! They are there to help you, use them!

10 Must-Know Tips When Choosing A Paint Color

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Hopefully this has made the task of choosing a paint color a little less daunting! Best of luck to all of you, and remember, everything can be painted over!

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