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Artistic Furniture Ideas

I will openly admit, I have a tendency to be VERY functional when it comes to furniture.  I think it comes from my mechanical engineering background.  I ignore the artistic nature and focus only on its structural integrity.  Lucky for me, my wife has exposed me to the idea of using our furniture as artistic pieces.   Here are a few things to consider when purchasing new furniture, designing a room, or refinishing new pieces.


  1. Experiment with color:  I give my wife a hard time whenever she asks me to stray from black white or brown.  But every room can benefit from a bold colored item that makes the room pop.  It can be a fun way to bring in other accessories such as throw pillows or picture frames that match the piece.
  2. Find your inspiration:  A fun way to start the artistic search is to decide on a theme, artist, color, style or feel that inspires you.  Once you have decided on a subject, the piece you are looking for will jump out at you.
  3. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure:  This is one of my personal favorites for adding an artistic element in your furniture.  An approach I like is to find something old or tattered that with a few simple touches can look new again, such as an old chair with character.  A thrift store can be a gold mine for items of this nature.  It is easy to find an old chair with some wood accents that can be quickly rehabbed for a fun look.


I do have to add one caveat to this subject, and that is to be careful when buying artistic furniture.  I try not to have too much time or money tied into one piece before I have tested how it will look inside.  If you are purchasing something that is risky make sure you have the ability to return it if it doesn’t work out quite like you expected.  You can also try items that are low cost such as from a thrift store or industrial area.

If any of you have fun artistic furniture ideas you are proud of, and would like to share it, please send them in. I would love to feature your ideas on my here.

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