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Refinish Wood Stairs without Sanding – Make Your Stairs Look Brand New

Sanding is not necessary to stain the wooden stairs

When left unattended for a long time, wood stairs can leave big, blotchy marks that are extremely unpleasant to the eye. Some people paint their staircases in different colors, which also tend to leave a mark behind. If you have recently come across a staircase with ugly blotches, don’t worry. You don’t have to strip … Read more

All Hands On Deck…Deck Paint To Weather Any Storm

My wooden deck is one of my favorite parts of my home. We’ve spent many a summer evening lounging on deck chairs, swatting away mosquitoes, enjoying the crisp summer-evening air. We built the deck when we moved into our home, ten years ago, and have since only painted it once! Painting a deck is just … Read more

How to Refinish A Deck

How To Refinish A Deck A good deck works great as the “bones” of your backyard because it is often the first thing you are drawn towards. Unfortunately, no one is well, “drawn” to an old deck that looks well, old.  It can even be tricky to attempt to sell a house with an old … Read more