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14 Ways to Decorate Your Mantel for Valentines Day

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Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away! Is your home decorated yet? Here is some inspiration on how to decorate your mantel for Valentine’s Day this year. How To Decorate Your Mantel For Valentine’s Day Show your loved ones you care, while decorating your mantel piece! A bold wooden sign combined with the burlap … Read more

10 Crazily Creative Ways to Decorate With Old Sweaters

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  You can turn an old sweater into a new and colorful pillow or pillow cover! You’ll need some sewing skills, but it shouldn’t be too hard! Just take that sweater that you love but can’t wear anymore and then make a pillow out of it!   You can also sew a bunch of old … Read more

12 Ways to Decorate with Holiday Lanterns

  Take your empty lantern and fill it with string lights. You can go for a more festive feel and get colored ones. Or, you can stick with the classics and use white twinkle lights. Whatever you choose, it’ll look great!   Decorate with lanterns on the steps up to your home! These are great outside because … Read more

15 Ways to Decorate with Ornaments (Not on Your Christmas Tree!)

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  Use a string of holiday themed ribbon and hang up your leftover ornaments on your porch! It’s super easy, adds color, and festivity to the front of your home, and puts those extra ornaments to good use!   Hang the ornaments from your window. You can do the inside or outside ledge of the window, whatever … Read more

20 Frugal Holiday Decor Ideas

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Make your very own wreath this Christmas season to save money and also make your home as unique as possible! You can put the wreath on your front door or anywhere else around your home. Make or buy a Christmas themed doormat that welcomes any visitors before they even step inside! You can easily and … Read more