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12 Impressive DIY Projects with Pipe

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There is something fascinating about pipes. That sentence looks weird. But it’s true, right? They just look cool! Industrial, strangely beautiful? Yes! So why not tap into that loveliness and work it to your advantage? The following ideas will hopefully inspire you to do just that. From Liz Marie, this is amazing. Like, wow. I’m impressed. … Read more

How to Remodel your bathroom from Eek to Chic on a budget

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Sometimes bathrooms can be scary places. And thinking about remodeling just feels expensive. Take courage! You can have your dream bathroom on a budget! Check out these ideas to find out how. A grand old story from Carla details how she upgraded her own bathroom. It’s amazing, boys and girls. Just amazing. Need to doctor up that … Read more

12 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

12 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Well, it is Saturday, and the music is blasting and my kids are cleaning.  Once your littles start being “big” enough to help clean the house (hallelujah) it is nice to find some tricks to make the process easier for them (and me!)  Here are some tips I’ve found to be pretty helpful.  I am … Read more

12 Surprising Cleaning Tips to Reduce Dust

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Achoo! Time to get the dust in your home under control! Dust drives me crazy, and it seems like there is no end!  Nip the problem in the bud with these PREVENTION tips that will help you breathe easier: Fabrics are a major source of dust (tiny fibers get rubbed off, float away, and settle). … Read more