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How to Paint Baseboards On Carpet

Before I knew this simple tip, I always avoided projects that would require me to re-paint our baseboard.  The reason being, that if you taped off the baseboard several problems would occur. Here are the best tips on how to paint baseboards with carpet. How To Paint Baseboards With Carpet The tape would shift and … Read more

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

7 {Low Cost} Ways to Update Your Cabinets

A small face lift on old cabinets can go a long way if it is done correctly.  You can breathe new life into cabinets without having to spend the money on new ones.  Here are some easy low cost methods to giving those old cabinets a new look. A Fresh Coat of Paint Wood can … Read more

10 Things to Know Before You Epoxy Your Garage

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I love a clean garage.  I am a woodworker, and I have dust collection systems that help keep it this way.  When you epoxy your garage floor, it not only looks nicer, but it also protects it from oil and grease and makes the garage floor much easier to clean. Garage floor epoxy is one of … Read more

15 of the Most Fabulous Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

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Outdoor Fireplaces are really beautiful and add a lot of style and warmth to your yard.  A lot of people are starting to do fire pits in their back yard, but this large, substantial fireplace brings your home outdoors.  We are toying with the idea of doing a fireplace instead of a smaller firepit in … Read more

Easy DIY Custom Finishes to Your Handrail or Half Wall

    We wanted to add a little design to the upstairs in our home, so to do this we thought it we would add a cap to the half wall between the stairs and the hallway.  We also are going to add it to the opening in the loft that looks down into the … Read more

8 Tips to Add Lighting to Your Home

8 Tips for Adding Lighting to Your Home

One of the best ways to add lighting to your home, is to install can lights.  Installing can lights can be a very inexpensive and easy way to brighten a space, if it is done properly.  Here are four things to consider before you start cutting into your sheet rock.   Consider your placement The … Read more